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Hanson Plywood

Project Website Build
Scale 3- 6 Months
Technology Wordpress

Based in Halifax, West Yorkshire, Hanson Plywood specialise in the import, storage and distribution of wood based panel products throughout the UK.

The Brief

Whilst Hanson Plywood had an existing website that had served them well for a number of years, they were keen to create a website that represented their growth as a business and offered both their customers and the industry a wealth of product information.

In partnership with Prime Creative, we were able to develop a new website that allowed Hanson Plywood to continue to grow their online presence.

How could this help improve your business?

Do you have a large or complex range of products that you’d like to make available on the web to your customers? Showing your full product range can be an easy way to upsell to existing customers, and attract new ones searching for a specific requirement.

The Results
Increase in customer enquiries
Significant increase in session duration
New user sessions after the website redesign
What the client had to say

Excellent company to work with. They completely understood what we wanted from our website and executed it perfectly. Liam, Sam and the rest of the team were very attentive and would always respond to issues and queries as soon as they humanly could in the friendliest way possible.

Joe Walshe, Hanson Plywood
How we achieved this

WordPress based product website

Clear product categorisation, with each product holding a substantial amount of technical information

Mobile responsive (including complex product data tables)

The ability for the marketing team to continuously update products from the CMS area as their range continues to expand

Each page built with SEO in mind

What happened next?

Hanson Plywood are working hard to keep their website fresh and up to date with the latest resources, news stories and information.

We continue to work close with their internal marketing team to make any larger changes and updates to the website when required, and advise on SEO where appropriate.

Hanson Plywood
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