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The Safety Maintenance Company Search Marketing

Project Pay Per Click
Scale Ongoing

The Safety Maintenance Company (TSMC) are a well respected training provider running popular site safety courses such as IPAF, PASMA, CITB and many more.

The Brief

Despite the initial contact from TSMC being in reference to pay per click management back in 2015, we have since worked with the team to develop a new website, bespoke booking system and manage a very successful SEO campaign. Google ads then turned out to be the last on the list and at the end of 2019, we were in a great position to take over their campaigns.

The main issue with the current agency was that there was no clarity in regards to spend.

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Google Ads allows to the penny tracking on all ad spend and can start to generate traffic for you almost immediately. From this we can assist you to make informed decisions as to what works online to help drive more conversions for your business.

The Results
39% uplift in traffic YoY
49% increase in sales / enquiries YoY
25% decrease in bounce rate meaning more relevant traffic coming to the site
What the client had to say

A great team, always go above what is expected to deliver a great result.

Michael Havercroft, The Safety Maintenance Company Search Marketing
How we achieved this

Campaigns for each course across all locations with broad and exact match ad groups

Testing period for campaigns before reviewing to identify key areas to focus on

Regular review of search terms for accurate exact matches and irrelevant terms are excluded

Constant communication to ensure that our strategy matches course availability

What happened next?

Whilst the account is still in its infancy, and there’s still room for improvement – early signs are good, and the account is performing better than ever. We are actively working through search terms, ad copy and landing page improvements to ensure the account continues to be a success.

The Safety Maintenance Company Search Marketing

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