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Renewi Waste

Project App Development
Scale 6 Months

Renewi is a leading waste-to-product business that works to be a part of the solution to some of the biggest environmental problems that society faces today.

The Brief

Renewi approached us for a bespoke permit management app to replace their current system that had become unfit for purpose. Renewi needed to be able to quickly see if customers held permits when visiting one of their household recycling centres, alongside the ability to identify possible traders who should not be using the facility.

The system needed to be simplistic and easy for both members of the public, and the Renewi team to use.

Do you have an old, clunky business management system?

Many systems that we are asked to replace are fast becoming a business critical risk due to their age and inefficiencies – many older systems are now built with frameworks and operating systems that are no longer supported from a security point of view. We can help to migrate your systems to a newer, more efficient alternative.

The Results
Streamlined business processes and cost effective implementation
Reduction in fraudulent permit applications
Increase of in-service accessibility to Customers
What the client had to say

Nothing is too much trouble for them when it comes to changes and queries and their response times are immediate when it comes to resolving issues etc. I would highly recommend Identify to any company looking for a web / program designer as the service offered from the team is excellent and their prices are more than reasonable for the service you receive.

Joanne Everson, Renewi Waste
How we achieved this

Laravel based bespoke development

Ability for commercial customers to apply online as opposed to visiting the site in person

Intelligent address and vehicle checks to recommend acceptance / denial of the application

An easy to use management system that can run custom reports within seconds

What happened next?

Renewi continue to use the system daily, offering a much improved service to both their commercial permit customers and other stakeholders that require up to date key performance indicators.

We’re still actively working with the team at Renewi, rolling out a number of new features to the initial permit system (such as Asbestos booking management), proving that our solutions are scalable.

Renewi Waste

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