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Power Systems International

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Power Systems International (PSI), established in 1986, are specialists in frequency converters. They have since expanded their product offering to include lift power systems, UPS, variable speed drives and more.

The Brief

For a number of years, we have been running a successful Google Ads account for PSI and in early 2019 they requested we take a look at their organic traffic to see if we could boost their natural rankings. The main priority for them has always been to grow exposure for their frequency converters initially but also push their other products to generate more traffic to the site on the whole.

How could this improve your business?

Have you got a specialist product, or are you looking to launch a new range? We can help drive traffic to the correct landing pages and generate more conversions for your business.

The Results
Uplift in traffic YoY
Increase in leads / enquiries
Goal completions over 2019
What the client had to say

I feel that the team do share a sense of ownership for us as a company through the web-site, and I wholeheartedly recommend Identify. I am happy for anyone to contact me if they have other questions and my telephone number shown below.

Paul Berry, Power Systems International
How we achieved this

Ensuring the website was “technically” optimised through page title, meta descriptions etc.

Optimised all website content to ensure it is keyword rich

Invested time in conversion rate optimisation ensuring pages were set up to capitalise on the increases in traffic.

Following a content plan which matches PSI’s goals.

What happened next?

Following the success in 2019 we continue to work closely to make further improvements on the SEO front. We have since discussed expanding a new product range with a new target market which shall form the goal for 2020.

Power Systems International

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