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Project System
Scale 6 Months
Technology Laravel

Specsavers are one of the leading eye care specialists in the UK, offering multiple products and services across the country. They are both a well recognised and well trusted brand that deliver a quality service both in-store and online.

The Brief

We were approached by Specsavers to develop a business management system to automate some of the admin heavy processes within their stores. They required an app that would allow optometrists, and front of house staff to work more efficiently, and allow management teams to both act on and report on the information.

Do you lose time dealing with admin heavy processes?

Managing HR can be a very time consuming task, especially when having to fill out and file countless documents of requests. Whatever it may be, why not consider an intuitive system to handle your processes and store your data. Creating a portal for users to login and access your forms and resources can save critical time that could be better spent within your business.

The Results
Streamlined business processes
HR portal for all-in-one access
Increased efficiency when dealing with staff requests
How we achieved this

Laravel based bespoke development

Ability to submit new uniform requests against the catalogue of uniform

Intelligent day sheet management functionality to log daily performances

Ability to request bonus payments to be reviewed by management

Easy access locating business resources to improve staff efficiency and performance

What happened next?

Branches at Specsavers rely on the system to manage their HR processes and continue to make additions to the available resources.

We are still in regular contact with Specsavers, implementing larger changes where required and advising on new features that could further benefit their business.


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