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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing doesn’t need to be complicated.

We’re here to prove that you can achieve real results online with effective, and simple search engine optimisation and pay per click management. We don’t do confused and complicated strategies, or reporting with technical jargon that is meaningless.

Our digital marketing team are passionate about business growth.

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Talk is cheap. Let us show you our results

How do we build successful digital marketing campaigns?

  • We take the time to understand your business and its goals. By understanding those, it allows us to construct our 12 month plan around delivering results.
  • We don’t promise unachievable results. Our digital marketing campaigns have a fixed cost, and we’ll work with you to create realistic projections so you and your team know what you can expect.
  • Our sensible plans take into account a multitude of factors. How’s your website performing at the moment? Is your business seasonal? Are there any quick wins we could take advantage of that have been unexploited?
  • Let’s start with the foundations. We make sure your website is in the best possible shape it can be before we start. Why throw money at a website that won’t convert?
  • Whether it’s search engine optimisation, pay per click management or social media advertising – we’ll ensure your marketing spend is making you the best return on investment possible.
  • Once we’re in full swing, you can expect regular updates from us with what we’ve been up to as well as a simple report on our agreed metrics.
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So, why does your business need digital marketing?
You've not done
digital marketing before

You're missing out on valuable market share online, and letting your competitors run the show.

You’re getting traffic
but it’s not converting

The traffic you’re getting may not always be relevant. We can help refocus to make sure the users visiting your site have the right intention.

You're not happy
with your current agency

Finding the right partner is hard. We take the time to explain things, and have a vested interest in your success.

You’re doing well
but you just want to do better

There’s no shame in saying you want more - you’re hungry and we get that. We thrive on challenges, let us bring more to the table.

I feel that the team do share a sense of ownership for us as a company through the web-site, and I wholeheartedly recommend Identify. I am happy for anyone to contact me if they have other questions and my telephone number shown below.

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Digital Marketing

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