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KES Facilities

Project Search Engine Optimisation
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KES Facilities are a Yorkshire-based engineering company, specialising in the maintenance and repair of Air conditioning units and commercial catering equipment. We’ve been working with KES Facilities since early 2015 so it was a pleasure to help and see Matt grow his business.

The Brief

KES provides a range of services so it offered up a few different avenues for us to explore. The main aim was to develop a better search presence for Air Conditioning in the Yorkshire region. Matt understood that this was a competitive area so was also keen to push the other areas of his business as well developing some quick wins which the bigger picture was developing in the background.

How could this improve your business
Just because you’re in a competitive market doesn’t mean that it’s always difficult to be found. There are many ways we can increase the search presence and drive visitors to your website.

The Results
uplift in organic traffic YoY
increase in goal completions YoY
more new users YoY
How we achieved this

Ensuring the website was “technically” optimised through page title, meta descriptions etc.

Optimised all website content to ensure it is keyword rich

Developed a seasonal content plan

Consistently produced large volumes of high quality content.

What happened next?

Following the success in 2019 we continue to work closely to make further improvements on the SEO front. We have since expanded into PPC services to offer an additional line of traffic which is growing KES Facilities even further.

KES Facilities

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