Why Employee User Experience Matters Too!

Why Employee User Experience Matters Too! post images
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Written By : Liam Webster

Posted 05/08/2022

There’s a lot of talk about user experience (UX) for customers – but guess what? UX matters for your employees too. The design, functionality and usability of employee platforms is just as important as the consumer website journey.

If you don’t consider the tools your employees are using and how you can make their working day run more smoothly, you’re missing out on a major opportunity to elevate your brand and business. Here are the reasons why employee experience and staff engagement matter more than you realise.

Increase productivity with UX

Improving employee experience with the right technology can help people do their jobs more effectively and efficiently. If your systems and processes are discombobulated, or if your tech is clunky, it’s harder for teams to complete their tasks on time.

Manual admin is a productivity killer, so it’s important to automate repetitive tasks. One example of how bespoke system and app development can reduce the burden of labour-intensive admin is the intuitive business management system we developed for DSEC Rail. We were able to streamline their business processes, reduce admin time, and boost ‘on the job’ productivity for the workforce. See the case study.

Empower your people

By making your employees’ lives easier, you can improve staff engagement and happiness. An empowered workforce leads to operational excellence, because people have more time to spend on creativity and innovation.

The right tech can attract new talent too. Top candidates are drawn to companies with easy and seamless processes, where automation paves the way for efficiency and job satisfaction – rather than companies with systems on the edge of extinction.

Employees can be brand advocates

Too much admin can cause employee stress, but we know the key to happy customers = happy employees. Not only do content workers invest more into their work, aligning their goals with your company’s mission, but satisfied workers can actually help you market your business.

Your most powerful promoters are your employees. For starters, a strong sense of identity in the workplace helps companies achieve significant cost savings, with less staff turnover. And second, employee happiness is gold because happy employees naturally become your best brand advocates on social media.

There’s 8x more engagement from posts shared by employees than those shared on a brand’s own social channels. Furthermore, your audience is more likely to trust real people who work in your company when it comes to social content, with 76% of people considering content shared by individuals to be more honest than brand-generated content.

This is why staff engagement is important for every industry and sector – no matter the size of your business.

Decrease app sprawl

A strong UX and employee experience makes it easier for people to follow the rules. This results in teams that actually follow best practice and exhibit good compliance, tightening security and reducing discrepancies.

Bespoke system and app development can improve employee user experience, increase productivity and also minimise app sprawl. When software is too hard to use, employees start looking for different tools that help them complete tasks faster. This leads to programs downloaded from multiple locations, creating a wider security risk.

Consider employee UX from the start of any app design project, and make sure your platforms/tools are there to make your employees’ live easier.

Create a culture of collaboration

Another reason why employee experience and staff engagement are paramount for growth is to nurture a collaborative culture and to take down traditional silos. Collaboration can dramatically increase productivity levels – in fact, teams that work together are 50% more effective at completing tasks than those who work independently.

With bespoke app development and purpose-built business management systems, businesses can help teams work together across multiple locations, and even time zones, creating a culture where data is shared with the right people, and at the right time.

Want to find out more about what an app design agency can do for you?

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