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Liam Webster

The man at the helm

Liam started the business back in 2013, officially launching the company in January 2014. But his passion for digital began even earlier, when he built his first ever website at the age of 14.

Liam’s role at Identify

His day-to-day focus is growing the business, finding opportunities, and looking after the team and our clients. He gets stuck in to a wide range of projects too, and can often be found fixing technical issues or conceptualising with development teams.

Working with clients to become a part of their business is what drives his passion. That’s why he approaches every project, meeting or task with the collaborative pronoun, ‘we’. Together we can achieve more!

“Lots of agencies say they care about customer success, but I think only a handful of them actually mean that. We're talking about putting in those extra hours to fix an issue because you care about the impact it will have on someone else's business. We're talking about feeling like you've achieved real growth together when they hit a new milestone!”

Liam’s number one tip for clients!

Keep it simple, and remember who you’re marketing to or designing for. Whether it’s website or app design, your audience matters.

Where you’ll find him after 5pm

Training at the gym, or at home surrounded by Paw Patrol toys and his brace of offspring (both under the age of 3).

Did you know?

Liam first launched the business under the name of Web Direct, with a good old fashioned black and white text advert in the Wakefield Express.

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