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Written By : Jordan Beaumont

Posted 16/01/2018

We thought we would start the year by sharing with you some of our favourite 'things', and explain how they help us to work effectively and efficiently. At Identify we have a lot going on, and organisation is something we really must have in order to succeed. We’ve compiled a handy list below to show you just a snapshot of the inner workings of the Identify office;

Google Chrome.


google chromeGoogle Chrome.
This is the only internet browser you should use, ever (well, in our opinion, but not strictly true… Our websites support a range of browsers).

The main benefit for us is that it’s super-fast, which allows us to work quickly and not get bogged down waiting for things to load. This is due to its multi-process foundation allowing one tab to work individually, which means it doesn’t affect the performance of other tabs.

It also makes searching really simple due to its Omnibox (an integrated bar at the top). You can type in a search term or a url and it will take you to the right place without any issue, which differs from other alternatives such as Internet Explorer.

One of the main benefits for us is the Google integration, as you will discover we love all things Google (hey there, Google Video). This allows us to seamlessly access our emails and Google Drive. Plus, the customisation feature is pretty cool and allows you to have your tabs a bit more colourful which always helps to make work that little bit more enjoyable.



wordpress dashboard

We adore this.

Almost every website we develop is made on WordPress, the simple reason for this is that it is so easy for clients to use.

The back end system is incredibly easy to navigate and allows clients to update websites themselves which makes it simpler and quicker to keep their posts up to date. Managing your website can be done from any computer which makes it really easy to maintain. You are able to edit from your work computer, home computer and if you’re stuck with something we can of course log in and update it for you.

Plugins are widely available for WordPress which makes it simple for us to make any additions or features, ultimately saving you money. Twitter and Facebook feeds can be easily integrated, as well as many other commonly sought after add-ons. Being 100% customizable is another main feature, templates are available as many companies will use. We don’t believe that templates work, and so every website we design is created from a blank canvas with your needs in mind. We design our websites in house to suit your branding and requirements. We make sure there are no limitations on our projects (unless you want to use Comic Sans), and we always work towards the final goal of our clients.


gmailAnother Google product and not the last to feature on our list.
Gmail is a very easy to use email solution, commonly used by many individuals and businesses across the globe.

It’s very clearly laid out and there are some useful key features that some of you may not know about. One of these features is labels (these work the same way as folders you’d find in email software like Outlook), however you are also able to keep the email in your inbox. By attaching a label to it, you colour code the email so it is easily identifiable.

For example in my inbox I have a label that is for pending jobs, when I receive and email from a client requesting work, I apply the label to my email so it never gets overlooked. I then put it in the corresponding folder, where it will sit until completed. This keeps our workflow smooth, and our clients happy.


Streak CRM.


This is a piece of software that can integrate with Gmail (Google represent).
Streak is a customer relations management software and allows you to set up “pipelines”, this makes it easy to track the stages of a process or manage a database. An example of this is my pending jobs pipeline, I make use of three categories:

• Pending projects- projects I have just received and have yet to be scheduled in.

• Projects Scheduled – The pending project will have been scheduled in for work and will then be entered into this category with a date of completion.

• Projects completed – Once the scheduled work has been completed and sent off to the client to ensure they are happy we enter this into the completed category.

The main benefit of this is we know that nothing has been missed and we are able to track the process of a project, which is useful should a client ask when the work will be completed.

Google Drive.

google drive

The final Google product on our list (honestly).

With a free 30GB worth of storage it makes it a very useful online cloud based storage device which is also upgradable for a relatively small fee.

The benefit of having cloud storage is that it can be accessed from anywhere so long as you have an active internet connection. The primary benefit to this is that (especially for small businesses) you can retrieve your documents at any time, it’s not all saved to your hard drive on your work computer meaning you don’t always have to be in the office to view your files.

With Google docs and sheets, files can be edited on the move. Stuck on the train in between meetings? Get some work done on your phone through Google docs, you never have to waste another moment. Run your business effectively (or don’t, we aren’t telling you what to do).




WhiteboardI mean actual physical whiteboards (yeah, those are still a thing).

Sometimes you can’t beat the classic pen (when they don’t run out).

We have these all over the office, everything that needs doing is planned on a whiteboard and isn’t removed until it is completed. We have a clear overview of all of our on-going projects at any time.

We also have a whiteboard for weekly planning. This helps us keep track of our workload as the week progresses, but the beauty of it also allows us to change project management on the fly (you never know when you need to respond to an urgent customer request!).

Finally, we keep a board reserved purely for targets (both individually and as a team) because if you aren’t working towards something, why are you even at work to start with?

Computers are brilliant for organising your workload, but sometimes you just have to keep it simple.

The Adobe Design Suite

adobe suite logosThis has and always will be our favourite (even you, InDesign).

Designing and developing websites, seeing them grow from a blank canvas to a fully functioning website gives us great pride (unless you want to use Rockwell as a font, Rockwell is terrible).

It’s also comforting knowing that we are also helping other businesses grow in the process.

If you think your business could be performing better or you just want to boost your web presence. Get in touch, we are dedicated to helping you grow through the web.

2016 is the year, don’t hesitate to give us a call or drop us an email. You can contact me on 01924 669420 or personally on [email protected]



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