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Thinking about investing in a mobile friendly eCommerce website? 2016 is the year.

Thinking about investing in a mobile friendly eCommerce website? 2016 is the year. post images

Written By : Liam Webster

Posted 16/01/2018

Total Retail Sales & Total Online Sales Graph2015 has been a huge year for the UK market; achieving total retail sales of around £412bn with online sales contributing a whopping £60bn towards this figure (14.5%).

A forecast conducted by eMarketer in September 2015 shows the expected growth from 2016 onwards… There’s no doubt the UK market is set to continue to grow as is the eCommerce market.



Retail mCommerce is also expected to grow by 37.5% in 2015!

Mobile+Phone+EvolutionThe UK has the largest mCommerce market in Europe, with over £1m spent every 35 minutes on mobile phones. This shows that having a mobile friendly website is incredibly important and is definitely something to put on your priority list for 2016.

Whoever knew big phones would come into fashion?

With smartphones getting bigger and bigger in size they are becoming easier to browse the web with. Tablets are also on the rise as there are more and more models becoming available on the market everyday. No longer is it just an iPad, Microsoft now offer a number of different tablets, as do Samsung. There is a much wider range of prices for tablets which makes it much more affordable for most people. In most cases they are cheaper than laptops and are just as good so it seems to be the favourable choice. Making your website tablet compatible should also be a priority.

So what do online shoppers use most; tablets or mobile phones?


As you can see from the table above showing the total sales in £bn for each year and device type; both tablet and mobile phone usage growth is expected to slow down, however it will continue to rise.

Thinking about investing in a mobile friendly eCommerce website? 2016 is the year.

A website must be easy to use for it to work, and generate a return on your investment. If a website isn’t easy to use; it simply won’t convert visitors into sales or enquiries. For example, a potential customer using a mobile phone won’t be able to navigate a desktop version of a website due to the screen size available. Making your website mobile friendly means the viewer can see the important parts of information / elements of the website to use it effectively and make that purchase or important enquiry.

Identify Web Design specialise in creating easy to use and mobile friendly eCommerce websites; that make a return on your investment. If you’re wanting some help with an existing online shop that you have, want to convert your current website into an eCommerce store, or you’re starting from scratch – feel free to give me a call on 01924 669420 for some friendly help and advice.

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