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The Importance of Social Media Integration

The Importance of Social Media Integration post images

Written By : Jordan Beaumont

Posted 10/11/2017

Social Media is growing all the time. Whether it’s liking a meme or sharing that heartbreaking news story, we’re all involved in this digital revolution in the internet age. So clearly, a fresh and clean presence on social media is key to competing.

However good your social media accounts are, however engaged your audience is, you’re most likely to convert them into paying customers on your website. So, what if there was a way of integrating both?

Well, a simple web link offers a start and can help the most dedicated of customers connect the two but far too often both exist independently, never crossing paths. Maybe you think your business doesn’t suffer, because the content you generate is used over both your core website and social media outlets. But, surely, this isn’t integration? It’s just the duplication of news.

Integration is key.

Social feeds on the launch or home page of your website gives the most exposure. You can bring visitors to your website news of fresh deals, last minute offers and information on what you’re working on today. You can always update and integrate further through opening with some of your latest blogs, too.

Customers, wheImage showing statistics of Facebook sharingther they’re from another business or the purchasing public, are keen to see that you’re ‘putting on a show’ with high quality imagery, engaging content and creative ways to catch their eye. By integrating social media with your existing web presence, customers can see that you’re still as innovative as ever simply by checking the age of your last tweet or how ‘on trend’ you are.


Getting Your Customers Involved

It’s likely that your customers will have a social media presence themselves and, if they’ve been proactive enough to come across your website, that they’ll come again providing they like what they find. How about making their task simpler by giving them a simple click to never miss your news on their social media? A feed Man typing on laptopgives them a direct link to your page and you a direct link to their digital lives.

Struggling to keep up with your blog writing? Then social media feeds help there too. Your social feed, whether it’s Twitter or Facebook, means that out of date blogs don’t lead to your customers miss out on your latest news. One post reaches two sets of followers, those reaching your website through Google and those who stumble upon your scrumptious social.

We’re all competing in crowded markets, and your business is unlikely to have the monopoly. So, we must do all we can to retain even the loyalist of customers. Brand awareness and presence is something that if you don’t get right, your rival will have over you. Social feeds link all your efforts to innovate and compete.

More Information

All you need to do is ensure you’re posting engaging social media and blogging content. Identify’s website and blog is full of hints and tips about how to build your presence.

Identify Web Design can offer this integration, along with so many other features, in any website built by ourselves. It’s easy to get in touch with us.

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