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Jordan Beaumont

Operations Manager / the get-things-done guy

Jordan has been at Identify Digital for 6 years, and as the agency’s Operations Manager he gets involved in a little bit of everything to keep things running smoothly. From liaising with clients and briefing team members to ordering supplies, he’s got most things covered.

Jordan’s role at Identify

He started here as an apprentice and has been fully immersed in the world of digital ever since. His priority is ensuring customers are happy and making sure the team have everything they need to deliver on time, which means he gets to collaborate on a number of different projects across the entire digital marketing spectrum.

“There’s never a dull day when you work in digital marketing. What I love most is collaborating with clients and seeing the amazing results we can bring them with our wide range of digital solutions.”

Jordan’s number one tip for clients!

Always trust the people who are building your website, and make sure you have great two-way communication.

Where you’ll find him after 5pm

Working up a sweat at the gym, or at home catching up on the latest Netflix series.

Did you know?

Jordan’s favourite vessel for breakfast cereals is a lasagne dish. This is because he can’t just have a couple of Weetabix biscuits, but requires between 6 to 8 to get his morning fix!

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