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Four Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Bespoke Mobile App

Four Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Bespoke Mobile App post images
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Written By : Liam Webster

Posted 29/09/2022

Over the last two decades, the international presence of mobile phones has only grown more apparent. What was once a relative novelty is now a necessity, with 6.5 billion people across the world actively using their mobile on a daily basis.

Although mobiles used to be limited in the extent to which they could provide services, they are now all-encompassing, offering many of the same benefits as using a computer when navigating the internet.

As mobiles have become more popular for browsing, an incredible two-thirds of eCommerce traffic now comes directly from mobile apps. In fact, 89% of customers are happy to use a mobile app to place an order, citing them as more convenient than manoeuvring through an online store.

With this in mind, every business should consider developing a bespoke mobile app for their company. In this article, we’ll be turning to app development, looking at the most compelling reasons that you should go ahead and get started on creating a mobile app for your business.

We’ll cover:

  1. Opportunity to Introduce New Features
  2. All-In-One Marketing Channel
  3. Brand Awareness
  4. New Sales Channel

Let’s get right into it.

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Opportunity to Introduce New Features

One of the leading reasons that companies create mobile apps is to offer a range of exclusive features to their customers. Not only does this increase the number of customers that are likely to download the app, but it also further imbrues the application with utility that benefits your user base and generates a positive sentiment.

A great example of an additional utility that a mobile app can provide is a loyalty scheme. This use case is famously utilised by Starbucks, which now records over 53% of all its sales being processed through the Starbucks Rewards application. By giving their users the ability to access a loyalty scheme on the app, they incentivise downloading it, instantly allowing their company to gain other advantages while simultaneously providing their customers with a range of benefits.

When customers begin to download your company’s mobile app, you gain access to a range of data that can be put to use in honing your customer understanding.

Over time, this data can be used for data-driven marketing, user segmentation, and personalisation, helping to further increase how your brand communicates with its audience. With a company mobile app, your customer base benefits just as much as you do.

All-In-One Marketing Channel

When you create a mobile app for your business, you allow customers from around the globe to have a go-to location for your brand. Whether they want to check out your products, make a purchase, or simply keep up to date with what’s going on in the company, a mobile application provides a convenient method of allowing them to do so.

Once a customer has downloaded your mobile app, you can also gain insight into their consumer behaviour. From which products they click on to how long they spend reading updates, everything can be tracked and delivered directly back to you.

With the power of modern data analysis tools, this can give your brand a huge advantage going forward in understanding what your customers prioritise and what you should focus on.

What’s more, if you have a particular campaign that you want your customers to know about, alongside running typical email or PPC marketing efforts, you can send push notifications through your mobile app to instantly reach your target audience.

A company mobile app can provide a powerful all-in-one marketing tool.

Brand Awareness

Studies show that humans take between 5-7 impressions of a brand before they start to actively recognise its colours and brand name. When a customer has your company mobile app on their phone, these impressions are significantly easier to come by, as they’ll be continually seeing your logo on their phone throughout the day.

Alongside just recognition, the additional features that your mobile app offers will ensure that customers have a positive experience with your brand. Over time, this can snowball into building trust.

Considering a customer that is familiar with and trusts a brand is 68% more likely to spend more money on a company, this is incredibly beneficial for your business. Even if a customer downloaded your app and then didn’t use it, the icon on their phone is a constant subconscious reminder that your services are still there for them whenever they need them.

A New Sales Channel

If your current business only operates through a website, then you have a singular point through which customers can interact with and buy from your company. By creating a mobile app for your business, you instantly increase the potential sales points of your business to include a whole new medium.

In 2022, 43% of Black Friday sales happened over mobile, demonstrating the extent to which this new sales channel could be incredibly valuable for your business. Alongside marketing benefits, customer relations advantages, and the ability to gain customer data information, the sheer ability to further your selling potential is often a major reason that companies start the development of a mobile app.

Final Thoughts

Creating a mobile app for your business is one of the most effective decisions you can make to increase your brand exposure, plug into an ever-growing market, and gain access to a whole new marketing stream.

That said, creating a mobile app for your business might not come easy to absolutely everyone. If you don’t have a background in app development, then we’re here to help. At Identify Digital, we have years of experience in crafting bespoke mobile applications for UK businesses. No matter what you envision, we’ll be able to help you get from A-B and build your dream app.

From the initial development stage to getting your app approved, we’ll be there the whole way so you can start taking advantage of the lucrative benefits of having a company mobile app.

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