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The Best App Colour Schemes to Choose

The Best App Colour Schemes to Choose post images
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Written By : Sam Moffatt

Posted 25/01/2022

Do geniuses prefer green? Does yellow encourage creativity? Can blue really improve concentration? Colour is more powerful than you think. When it comes to website or app design, careful colour selection is important.

As an app design agency that cares deeply about the user experience, we’re fascinated by colour psychology and trends. So what are the best app colour schemes for your brand or app design project? Here are some things to consider when embarking on app development…

What app design colours are trending in 2022?

Here’s a look at what app designers are loving at the moment:

  • Monochrome – this colour palette is making a comeback because of our need to return to simplicity. Modern minimalism is in, and white space is the king of minimalist interfaces. But 2022 is less about black/white combos, and more about soft colour gradients.
  • Harmonious hues – this involves combining colours that are next to each other on the colour wheel. These are called ‘Analogous colours’, and they usually pair well, creating serene and comfortable designs.
  • Colours from nature – cool, natural colours are calming and they don’t challenge the eye. They’re easy to look at and help users focus on the content or task.
  • Bright contrasts – combine natural tones with pops of brightness if you want to make a statement with app design. Strong 3D geometrics are a big trend, and bright, bold hues can complement this design style.

The best app colour schemes according to science

In addition to looking at trends, it’s important to consider how colour affects perception and mood. Colour psychology can be a useful reference for finding the best app colour schemes for your intended audience. Any experienced app development and digital agency should have some understanding of how colour impacts the brain.

Colours alone can influence up to 90% of an initial impression, and here’s some of the science we love:

  • Red encourages urgency – research reveals that red outperforms green by 21% on CTA buttons.
  • Blue is a colour that symbolises trust, is known to improve focus in the workplace, and is also the most popular colour (a favourite for 35% of women and 57% of men).
  • Black represents class, elegance and sophistication – less than 1% of people consider black as cheap when used in product marketing.
  • Yellow is known to promote creativity, and is also linked to happiness and positive thinking!

But don’t forget user experience

Whatever colour scheme you go for, remember to prioritise UX. Minimalistic design is big for 2022, not just because of its contemporary style, but because it can reduce eye strain. Generally, our eyes prefer black text on white (or a slightly yellow background), while low contrast text/background colour schemes make the eyes work harder.

Another consideration is dark mode, a rising trend among app designers. This is an option that allows users to turn their interface dark for low light environments. It can improve visibility while also saving on mobile battery life – a win-win!

If you’re unsure about the best app colour schemes to choose, partner with an app design agency that has years of experience in mobile app development.

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