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The Key to Digital Transformation is Business Automation

The Key to Digital Transformation is Business Automation post images
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Written By : Liam Webster

Posted 06/11/2022

Streamlining processes to improve efficiency is the way to unlock business growth - and this is key as more and more organisations shift to digital. This explains why digital transformation and automation are often discussed in the same breath.

In fact, most businesses (97%) agree that business process automation is a critical part of the transformation journey, believing it to be the number one driver of innovation.

Gartner predicts that almost 70% of routine tasks will be completed automated by 2024, and many companies are already pursuing large-scale change efforts in order to keep up with or get ahead of the competition. But automating everyday jobs doesn’t have to be as complex as you may think. From off-the-shelf solutions to bespoke systems and app development with easy mobile access, there are so many ways you can embrace this trend.

Not considered business automation for your operations yet? Here we discuss why the automation of processes and the development of bespoke systems are vital to your transformation journey.

You can’t have transformation without automation

Here’s the thing – you can have automation without digital transformation, but not the other way around. Today’s modern working environment needs to be able to scale faster than ever, and the automation of processes can make that happen.

The companies that have adopted these tools are more likely to report success, with McKinsey stats revealing a 2.6x increase in effective analysis of complex data, a 2.1x increase in end-to-end accountability, and a 2.1x increase in making information more accessible.

The use of business process automation also benefits every industry and sector, and businesses of all sizes. No matter how small your operations, there are so many opportunities to streamline.

Automation improves job satisfaction

As highlighted by PwC, successful transformation relies on a people-centric approach to change. There’s a powerful human element to digital that needs to be addressed – and more importantly – prioritised.

In order to ensure harmonious collaboration between people and technology within your business, it’s important to consider ways to improve job satisfaction. By automating repetitive tasks, it’s possible to reduce workload pressures, create more time for innovation and strategic work, and help people advance in their careers while aligning their goals to those of your organisation.

In simple terms, automating those boring, time-consuming administration tasks (that we all hate to do), you can make everyone’s life easier. And we all know that happier staff = better productivity and performance!

Almost three-quarters of employees working in highly automated companies say that automation has helped them get more job satisfaction from their day-to-day work.

Some of the benefits of business automation for your team include:

  • Reduced stress and workload pressure
  • Fewer mundane administration tasks
  • More time to focus on strategic planning, creativity and innovation
  • More time to complete important tasks and encouragement to do them well
  • Getting more work done in a day and feeling a greater sense of achievement
  • Lower rate of mistakes and discrepancies, making accuracy easier
  • Enabled information-sharing, helping staff work efficiently in teams

Business process automation increases collaboration

In addition to making life easier for your employees and boosting on-the-job productivity, our bespoke system and app design can also help your team work better as a collective. Quite often we see businesses hampered by the manual processing of paperwork, unavailability of information, and miscommunication as a result.

Our pet hate is when poorly organised processes and lack of data-sharing lead to inefficient work being done. For instance, two different departments could be exerting effort doing the same task without knowing – and this is caused by having a siloed approach to information in the workplace.

One of the main benefits of business automation and having one centralised place to upload, share and download. We can also help you design a system for company-wide communications, ensuring that every team member has access to the right information at the right time.

With an automated system for everyday tasks, it also reduces the amount of time spent emailing back and forth checking for updates. Through the automation of processes, managers can relax knowing that tasks are automatically completed. This ensures that people work together effectively without the need for wasted meeting and email hours.

How to get started in your automation journey

Repetitive tasks such as quote generation and invoicing can be easily automated to save you time and money, reducing admin oversights and keeping your team focused on the job at hand.

If you want to accelerate your transformation journey, improve staff wellbeing, and gain a competitive edge over your competitors, automation can pave your way forward into the future.

Despite what a lot of people may think, automating your business doesn’t have to be complicated either. At Identify Digital, we offer an affordable solution that can transform the way you work forever. As a leading app design agency with a passion for digital change, it’s our goal to transform businesses through increased efficiency - and our bespoke app development service can do just that.

If lost or delayed paperwork is an everyday occurrence for you, or if you’re fed up with your teams not getting the information they need to do their jobs, we can help. We strongly believe that automation is the connective tissue of today’s digital world – and it’s the only way to future-proof your business as more and more organisations hop on this trend.

Through clever automation techniques, businesses can do things better, faster, cheaper – all while ensuring staff are happy, instead of being frustrated with outdated and archaic systems.

Looking for an app solution that makes it easy for office-based, remote and hybrid teams to get their work done?

Get in touch with Identify Digital, an app design agency that makes workplace efficiency a priority.

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