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Why Your Digital Marketing Strategy is More Important than Ever

Why Your Digital Marketing Strategy is More Important than Ever post images
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Written By : Jordan Beaumont

Posted 14/04/2022

There’s no doubt that the pandemic has changed marketing, among other things (including remote working in our sweats). As businesses navigate post-COVID recovery, it’s important to put increased energy and focus into building a solid digital marketing strategy.

People are spending more time online, and on mobile, than ever before. Pandemic-driven retail habits are also settling in, which means online continues to soar from here on out.

As a digital marketing agency with years of experience, we know first-hand the importance of being one step ahead. So here are the factors that will affect your marketing strategy in 2022, and what you can do about them!

Online shopping is here to stay

Even as customers slowly return to the high street, the predicted figures for online show an upward trajectory, with online shopping making up almost a quarter of all retail sales worldwide by 2025.

The way people shop will change too. More people will tap into social commerce, more households will use voice shopping, and of course, mobile will continue to grow.

How you connect with your customers has to adapt, and your digital marketing strategy should have a multi or omnichannel focus, with content development for all different touchpoints.

Mobile browsing is on the rise

In 2022, mobile browsing tipped the balance against desktop, with 55% of all global traffic now coming from mobile phones. Digital strategies have to be mobile-first in order to create a seamless experience for customers.

Even more noteworthy is that over 90% of time spent on mobile is on apps, not on web browsers. This means that app development is something that every business should consider, and it will be important to keep abreast of the latest app design trends if you want to stay relevant.

Brand loyalty is eroding

Brand loyalty is melting away, a bit like the traditional sales funnel. Customers love trying new brands, and millennials tend to be the least brand loyal.

But the good news, according to some research, is that a small 5% rise in customer retention can lead to a huge 75% increase in profitability. So the effort you put into improving the brand experience for customers creates an excellent return.

In order to boost retention, it’s important to consider the buyer’s journey (hint: this no longer looks like an inverted triangle). Beautiful and functional mobile websites, engaging content, and omnichannel experiences with social and apps, are all vital for your digital marketing strategy.

Content consumption has evolved

As well as a rise in social media use and social commerce, there’s also been a rise in video content consumption. According to Google, 90% of people discover new brands or products on YouTube….and 50% of millennials and Gen Z web users say they “don’t know how they’d get through life” without video.

Content strategies have to include content of every type, and across all platforms. With written content, there’s a lot of value in providing information-rich articles that help customers solve problems, understand trends or learn about different products and solutions. So throw both short and long-form content into the mix, and focus on building trust.

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