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Web Design Trends 2022: What’s Hot This Year

Web Design Trends 2022: What’s Hot This Year post images
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Written By : Sam Moffatt

Posted 21/04/2022

To stay competitive and keep your brand up to date, it’s important to review your website periodically, with a view of getting it redesigned potentially every two to five years.

With the last two years being an incredibly important time for digital, and the pandemic forcing businesses to move online, there’s never been a more pressing moment to evaluate the quality of your website design.

Focusing on customer experience is the key, and outstanding experiences are now expected, not just desired. This certainly the case for digital natives, who know what they want, and don’t have the time to stick around for a sub-bar shopping experience.

If it’s time for a redesign, or you’re interested in new website development for your business, here are a few web design trends in 2022 that may inspire you.

The cinema web design trend

People are watching more videos online than ever before. In fact, the number of videos being consumed has nearly doubled since 2018! So it’s no surprise that cinema-style homepages are becoming increasingly popular.

Getting your message across with video can be much more effective than text. It’s more engaging, and it keeps people interested in what you have to say. Full screen video stories can immerse users into your website in a way that copy can’t. But before seeking out web design services to create a cinematic brand experience, make sure this style of homepage design is right for you.

While video is a powerful tool, don’t be blinkered by the fact that this is a shiny website trend. It has a time and a place. Because on the flipside, video content can slow your site down, distract customers, and even impede conversion. So think carefully before opting for cinema-style website design.

Minimalism + natural colours

Bare basics paired with calming colour schemes is the perfect combo in 2022, as web users become overwhelmed by content. The answer? To drip-feed information instead of bombarding their senses.

Minimalism, white space, gentle motion, and page design that implores visitors to want to learn more about you – these are all great techniques to coax people into spending more time on your site.

Lighter weight experiences can improve mobile experiences too. Simpler web forms, minimal text and easy navigation are all suitable for mobile devices when people are on the go.

There’s also a trend for integrating organic shapes, natural design elements and pleasing imagery to create a sense of safety and security. And minimalistic design is no longer a black and white game, so natural colours such as herbaceous greens, earthy browns and oceanic blues are welcomed.

With the help of clever colour psychology, you can create a website that speaks to your audience and shows your brand in the best light.

Rich, muted colours

In addition to natural colour palettes, we’re also seeing more complex hues, but in a muted way. We’re saying yes to more vibrant pigments – and no to eyestrain.

There are fewer dark-themed websites, and monochrome is quickly being replaced with rich colours that are still gentle on the eye. Warm colour combinations, tonal gradients that are easy to look at, and low saturation hues are going to be big in 2022.

Reducing ocular fatigue is all a part of improving the experience for users, and it’s becoming increasingly important in website development. By selecting the right colour scheme, and following web design trends for muted colours, you can make your website a joy to browse.

Brutalist typography

While minimalism is in, other web design trends 2022 has in store include brutalist typography, clashing colours and non-traditional layouts. Pleasing fonts and clever placement have always been the way to go, but one way to stand out this year is to showcase imperfections.

Raw and unpolished, brutalism makes your fonts stick out like a sore thumb. This is a much bolder look than many are used to, and when applied in the right way, it can give your website real impact and provide a memorable user experience.

One way to adopt brutalist website trends in your design is to use your text as a dynamic grid, using letters as blocks for segments. Or you can use gigantic fonts that mark your presence in an unapologetic way.

Moving text

You want your text to stand out – but you don’t like the brutalist design approach. Kinetic typography is another way to add a unique design feature to your site. This is a text animation technique used to grab people’s attention, entertain website visitors, and set the general tone of your brand.

It’s been used in films and commercials for a long time, and in recent years, many websites have adopted text animation as a way to replace overlooked static text, or to highlight important segments that deserve to be seen.

It’s fun, it’s interactive, and it’s great for brand recognition. On the design side of things, it’s highly flexible to work with, making it suitable for every kind of website out there. Used sparingly – and kept above the fold – moving text can give your web pages instant wow.

Customisable website trends

More websites will likely integrate theme and font customisations, and this is one of the overarching web design trends in 2022. With customer experience being more valuable than ever before, accessibility is a key priority. Customisable features that put the power in the user’s hands will ensure the best possible experience for anyone accessing your site. This includes for people with visual or auditory impairments, as well as people using a range of devices.

A lot of websites and apps already feature dark mode, which allow users to reduce glare and improve visibility in low-light settings. But as time goes on, website trends will evolve to include even more options, such as font scaling or contrast adjustments.

Adding these features lets customers knows that you care about their needs. Websites that deliver a seamless and tailored user experience are the ones that customers remember and return to time and time again.

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