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Why Business Automation is Easier Than You Think

Why Business Automation is Easier Than You Think post images

Written By : Georgia Gregory

Posted 21/11/2022

Automations are often built up to be these intricate, expensive and unobtainable solutions. Yet, in reality, they can be a cost-effective and rather simple way of streamlining your business.

It’s a common misconception that it takes a huge budget to roll out automation in the workplace. While some automated systems can be a huge undertaking, and very expensive to fund, there are plenty of more affordable solutions that small businesses can take advantage of.

We’re not just talking about off-the-shelf services either that don’t support the specific functions of your business. We’re talking about bespoke systems and app development that help you automate repetitive, manual processes while giving you the option to adapt, scale and grow at any point.

With our app design service, we can provide accessible business process automation, giving you the tools you need to speed up your transformation journey. Here’s why getting started on a project like this is much easier than you think…

It doesn’t have to be complicated

One of the reasons businesses are often reluctant to embrace new technology is the disruptive nature of technological change in the workplace. But the app development process doesn’t have to be complicated and can happen without causing any day-to-day disruption to your operations.

It will help (not hinder) your workforce

Despite fears among workers, there are some incredible benefits to automated tech. Through the automation of processes, teams can reduce manual workload and have more time for conceptualisation, creativity and innovation. Ultimately, this boosts performance, productivity, and overall job satisfaction.

With the right plans in place for change management, and by involving teams in this process early on, you can make sure everyone is on board – ensuring a more positive attitude for change and better harmony between people and technology.

There are affordable ways to automate

Business automation isn’t just for big companies with big budgets. Bespoke systems and app development can give you an easy and affordable way to automate, with an excellent return on investment.

Ranging from very simple and basic to more complex, these systems can help you make manual tasks a thing of the past. If your business is overloaded with paperwork on a daily basis, our app service could help you automate things like invoicing, emails, notifications, document generation, and much more.

Other small businesses are already benefiting

In order to stay competitive and stand a chance against some of the larger companies in your industry, digital transformation is a necessary step.

According to a survey, 63% of small businesses actually believe that automation is the reason they have, and are continuing to, survive the pandemic.

Furthermore, 88% of SMBs report being able to move faster and close leads quickly, spend less time on admin jobs, reduce manual errors, and deliver an improved service to customers.

You can start small

Not sure about how effective automation will be? Or just apprehensive about how it will all work?

A lot of business automation projects start out small, and this allows you to get a better understanding of the benefits, what works, and what doesn’t.

When you partner with an app design agency that specialises in automating business processes, you’ll have expert guidance on the best and most cost-effective approach. You can also expand your projects further, adding more features to your business app further down the line.

Could you benefit from automations?

Interested in automating your manual paperwork and other aspects of your business?

To find out more about how our app design service can help you save time and money, get in touch with Identify Digital today.

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