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How to Create an Engaging Website Design

How to Create an Engaging Website Design post images
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Written By : Jordan Beaumont

Posted 19/09/2021

About 75% of customers evaluate a business’s credibility on the basis of how their site looks. If you don’t have a modern-looking, responsive and engaging website, you might miss out on more than 90% of your online business.

From keeping the visitors hooked with an interesting copy to planning the layout and visual content of your website, there is a lot that goes into the designing process. To help you out, check out this brief guide on how you can engage your visitors with some of the best website design practices.

What does an engaging website mean?

There are three things you should know about designing an engaging website; it should present people with something unique, it should create a connection between brand and consumer, and it should convince people to stay on your site and take an action.

An engaging website is one that keeps its readers coming back for more. It pleasantly surprises them and sparks their curiosity. It connects with the visitor’s emotions in a way that makes them care about what you say and become personally invested in your brand.

Understandably, this can be tricky to achieve. That’s why you need professionals to develop a design that will retain visitors and ultimately lead to higher conversions.

Elements of an engaging website design

A great website design should create a lasting impression. It should inspire visitors and spark an emotional response for your brand. Here is what you need to take your website design from vain to a lead conversion machine.


When it comes to web designs, the less clutter, the better. Simple designs are more appealing than fancy ones for two reasons;

First off, simple websites tend to load faster because they have less data and therefore, are small in size. Fast loading immediately makes your website more attractive and significantly improves the user experience.

Secondly, simplicity promotes easy navigation. Your visitors should be able to explore your content and get the information they need without any hassle. Simple web designs allow them to find everything they need quickly, which can increase their chances of staying on your site.

Wisely used white space

In web design, white space (or negative space) is the area between elements of a design a.k.a the empty space.

As humans, we are attracted to white space because it relieves the eye from the strain of processing a bundle of information all at the same time and helps avoid information leaks in our minds.

Expert website designers use white space as a visual tool to give things their own breathing room and compel visitors to slow down and take a closer look at the actual content that needs to be focused on.

It allows them to highlight important text and images amid a bunch of other design elements and retain the visitor’s attention for a long time.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence, such as chatbots, is a great, simple addition to your website. According to IBM, AI can answer 80% of all standard questions and reduce wait time.

On your website, AI can be in the form of virtual assistants that provide information to your website visitors on request or chatbots that answer product queries in just a few clicks.

Artificial intelligence can help you scale your conversion rate by talking to customers on your website and resolving any complaints that they might have – allowing your website to become more interactive and engaging.

Clear CTA

Clear calls to action are a key component of any visitor engagement strategy. You need visitors to know what to do when they land on your page and when they see your content. Well-positioned CTAs can actually help you guide your visitors through the process of completing an action. For this reason, you need them to be easily accessible as they can make or break your online sales.

Correctly used colour psychology

Colour plays a very important role in persuading your visitors to perform certain actions. It can persuade them to purchase a product, get in touch with your company or in some cases, completely drive them away.

We have repeatedly discussed colour psychology, which refers to the way in which colours affect humans emotions, attitudes, and behaviour, in our previous posts. It is completely based on the psychological effects that colours can have on your brain.

This is why your site’s colour scheme should directly reflect your target segment. For example, if you are dealing in the luxury segment, you might benefit from using gold or royal purple as they are more likely to catch your customers’ eyes.

Similarly, people shopping for a new car are likely to be drawn to bright red colours since red represents action, energy and excitement. So, you could work shades of red into your web design.

Bear in mind that your website’s colours should be the same as your other marketing collateral. Doing so will allow you to avoid a crash of identities and promote brand uniformity among your customers.

Video content

Video content delivers results in two ways: increased interaction and better search engine ranking. It is the key to genuine brand engagement and a better user experience.

Videos can be used to show how a product functions, its uses in different situations, or even customer reviews and testimonials. But above all, they can be used to add some flare and credibility to your website.

Easy shareability

Adding social media sharing buttons makes it easy for your readers to share your content through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and email.

When people share your content, they help you increase awareness of your brand and the products or services you offer, building trust and credibility in the process.

More importantly, they bring in more people like them to your site – which is exactly the niche you are looking to influence.

Your website design should reflect the purpose of your business while addressing your target market's needs. So, if you are stuck in a rut, Identify Digital can help you! Our design experts can revamp your current site design or make a new one from scratch to bring your brand vision to life. Let’s get in touch.

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