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Sam Moffatt

Lead UX/UI Designer (also known as the “enforcer”)

Sam’s been around since the very beginning, working alongside Liam back in 2013 as the agency’s first official employee. He started out in a design/frontend developer role, but this later evolved to be more design-focused to match his creative skills.

Sam’s role at Identify

Handling wireframing and on-site animation (plus the odd bit of coding support for the frontend team), he knows everything there is to know when it comes to web design and development. He works on a variety of clients at Identify Digital and puts the same level of passion and artistry into every project.

For Sam, it’s less about the industry/sector or project size, but more about the chance to get his teeth into something creative, no matter what it happens to be!

“Design trends are constantly evolving, and there’s a continuous challenge to create something that clients love – and something that stays relevant at the same time. This is what makes my job interesting, and why I love delivering results.”

Sam’s number one web design tip!

Consider your users first, then your competitors, followed by current trends. Personal taste should be factored in last. Designing for an audience of one only leads to ruin, so don’t make it about you. Make it about them.

Where you’ll find him after 5pm

Powerlifting at the gym, training for a 10k, or at home watching wrestling and building Lego with his 4 year old.

Did you know?

Sam spent a couple of months living and travelling around the West Coast of California. His friends joked that he only returned to the UK after failing to find a Wetherspoons. He’s yet to contest this.

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