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North East Heating Solutions

Project Website build
Scale 2 months
Technology WordPress

With their old site no longer fit for purpose, North East Heating Solutions were in need of a complete website redesign.

The Brief

Built on an old page builder framework, the North East Heating Solutions website was really dated. Their mobile site had a lot of bugs, and the site had a poor structure, with snippets of information on separate pages that were tricky to find.

Our goal was to redevelop and redesign their site. By doing this, we could eliminate the structural issues and improve the mobile site. We also saw a great opportunity to improve their data collection.

How could this help improve your business?

A refreshed or revamped web development project can be a good opportunity for more effective data collection. By tracking conversions and using customisable forms, you can ask your customers the right questions, providing a more valuable service.

The Results
Tracked conversions in the first 5 months
Growth in traffic
How we achieved this

WordPress-based website

New site structure which combined multiple pages and highlighted the main areas of the site

Set up conversion tracking

Optimised for mobile (where the majority of traffic comes from)

Created audience-specific contact forms on the right pages which asked for relevant information

Linked forms to MailChimp to capture GDPR-approved data

North East Heating Solutions

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