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Written By : Liam Webster

Posted 02/11/2017

Here at Identify we love all things tech and as a web design and digital agency we would put ourselves in the tech company bracket.

You may not think it but Yorkshire, where we are based, has a big tech scene with many companies and start-ups in the area. For this article, we have had a look at some of the best, most interesting and coolest tech companies in Yorkshire. They each are doing something interesting and unique, check them out:

Big Change Apps
What they do: Workforce management apps

Website: https://www.bigchangeapps.com

Location: Leeds

A mobile app developer responsible for the mobile workforce management app JobWatch. They also provide a suite of apps and systems to efficiently manage teams of workers and customers all in one place.

Rockstar Leeds
What they do: Video games developer

Website: http://www.rockstarnorth.com
Location: Leeds

A part of the world famous Rockstar Games they were involved in some of the Grand Theft Auto series of games, including GTA V. They are on the list purely for being part of one of the biggest game franchises of all time but we’re sure there are lots of other cool things about them!

Team 17
What they do: Video games developer

Website: https://www.team17.com

Location: Wakefield

An independent games developer that is one of the oldest in the world having recently celebrated their 25th anniversary! Team 17 publish games for PC, console, mobile and handheld devices and are responsible for the popular Worms series of games amongst others.

What they do: Visitor management system for schools

Website: https://inventry.co.uk

Location: Leeds

This is a visitor and pupil management system for schools that keeps track of who is on site at any given time. Webcams and ID badges are used to sign in and out and facial recognition software is also available.

What they do: Audio notetaking software

Website: https://www.sonocent.com

Location: Leeds

Sonocent Audio Notetaker takes full audio recordings so you don’t have to write down notes. Ideal for meetings and lectures, you can then playback in ab easy to digest format. This really takes the tedium out of note making!

What they do: Software testing

Website: https://www.ten10.com

Location: Leeds

Ten10 offer a range of end-to-end software testing services and can design bespoke solutions depending on their clients needs. They have a really cool website which we like a lot too!

Crisp Thinking
What they do: Social media safety

Website: https://www.crispthinking.com

Location: Leeds

Crisp protects brands from the risks of social media, specifically harmful, offensive or dangerous content posted on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter that could damage a brands reputation. This is quite a unique concept, anyone can post anything they want on social media so policing those platforms is vital in our opinion.

Liquid Logic
What they do: Software for local authorities

Website: https://www.liquidlogic.co.uk

Location: Leeds

Liquidlogic provides software for Local Authority social care and education management services. What we like about them is that they get the people who use the software involved at the R&D stage to provide as much efficiency as possible.

If you know of any interesting tech companies in the Yorkshire are drop us a message and we will take a look at them and potentially will add them to the list.

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