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Will a new website increase traffic? – Case Study

Written By : Jordan Beaumont

Posted 11/06/2018

RF Landscape Products has been a client of Identify’s for some years and the working partnership involves an SEO agreement. After running the campaign for over 2 years there was a sudden drop in traffic,despite best practise, that wasn’t following the trend pattern. As a result of no obvious issues, the abnormality sparked concern and an investigation took place.

Steps Identify Took
A full audit took place to try and identify the issue.
Tests included;

  • Looking at the worst hit pages
  • Checking search visibility
  • Checking known Google updates
  • Checking suspected Google updates
  • Competitor research
  • Trend patterns
  • Technical analysis
  • Link Audit

The tests didn’t throw any clear issues up, just that the site as a whole had been hit with an update that had decreased search share. SEMrush was reporting a high volume of change in the UK database which indicated multiple algorithm updates during this month.

The decision was made to revamp the website onto a newer content management system and to be built with SEO in the forefront. Considerations being given toward; onpage content, headings, images, alt tags and much more SEO criteria.

A full sitemap was produced to map out the pages and the navigational routes to improve the customers path to purchase. The designs were made with content and conversions in mind and all efforts being focused on having adequate space for content but also making it easy for customers to be able to find the information they needed and to enquire. One of the key successes in optimising this website was well constructed content so our copy writer set to work researching the products and producing good quality written pages.


The site was launched in January 2017. Since launch an immediate impact was made on conversions with an average increase of 26% YOY. In terms of sessions, it took a little under 4 months for the site to make a full recovery and in May was 16% up on last years traffic beating the session record from the previous month.

Unfortunately these things do happen for no reason and it’s hard to be proactive with certain updates due to the release notes from Google. In this instance we were able to be incredibly quick to react with audits taking place immediately and solutions being presented to the client.

Maybe you’ve experienced a sudden drop in traffic and aren’t sure what to do. If you are in this position please give us a call and we will be able to offer you some advice on solutions in rectifying this issue.

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