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What We Love About Websites

What We Love About Websites post images

Written By : Jordan Beaumont

Posted 14/02/2020

It’s time to dust off those plastic roses and douse yourself in Lynx Africa… yes, it’s Valentine’s Day (why doesn’t anybody celebrate the real MVP: Pancake Day?). Here at Identify, we think the 14th of Feb is more cringe than cute. But, we can’t deny that we love to see that little weirdo cherub firing his arrow into our websites.

In the spirit of Vali Day, we got together over a romantic lunch of microwaved leftovers and talked about all the reasons why we love websites. No jokes about us getting a life, please – we’re fully aware that we’re all nerds. Keep reading to find out what we love, what we’re proud of, and who we think is the GOAT of the office.

What websites do you love?

‘The Seabrook Crisps site is incredible. It’s really engaging and has a ton of interactive features such as a “Seabrook Sarnie Generator”. Their language/tone of voice used on-site is spot on.’

‘I like the Patta website. It’s clean and modern.’

‘Anything that’s simple and has more than just images on it. Definitely no themes!’

Which sites have you enjoyed working on?

‘Redesigning the Mila Maintenance site. They were the first “big” project I worked on, and the first site I ever designed back in 2013-ish. We tend to give them a bit of a facelift every couple of years, so it’s nice to revisit older work and see how trends have changed.’

‘Each of our clients have been great to work with and have all come with their own unique challenges. If I had to pick just one though, it would be the RF Paving site. It’s had an incredible uplift compared to their old site.’

What design or technical features do you love?

‘User experience. I want to be able to find exactly what I’m looking for in the easiest way possible. Oh, and it’s got to look nothing short of amazing, too.’

‘I love anything except the header and footer – those bits are boring!’

‘A really good set of complementary fonts are what sets an excellent website apart from a truly terrible one. It sounds like such a simple concept on the surface, but it’s the hardest part about putting a design together because it’s the foundation for what you’re going to be working on.’

‘Ajax modals – they don’t have any effect on site speed either, which is always a bonus.’

What part of your job do you love the most?

‘Presenting a fresh new design for the first time to a client. It’s always great to see their initial reaction and feedback.’

‘It’s always good to see the final product.’

‘I love learning and improving upon my previous work.’

‘Everything is cyclical. Trends come and go, and then come back again (Comic Sans 2020 revival project, yo’). A few years ago, drop shadows, border radius, and gradients were relegated to “graphic design is my passion” memes. Now, thanks to Google Material Design, they’re all the rage again.’

Which person in the office do you love the most and why?

‘Jordan, our Account Manager, for asking questions and explaining what the customer is asking for.’

‘Liam always takes the time to explain what customers want, and to show me advanced coding to help me learn.’

‘Our Senior Developer, Robbie, always shows me how to do a piece of work in the best way.’

‘We have a really good team here, but if I were to pick one person I’d have to say Connor. He’s always positive and incredibly reliable – he’ll often stay behind to resolve an issue.’

‘Josh is Mr Cool, Calm and Collected. He’s a clever bloke that gets his head down, and isn’t afraid of hard graft.’

‘My main man Robbie. It doesn’t matter if you’re having a terrible day, you can always rely on some sort of shenanigans coming from his desk to bring the mood up.’

‘I’d have to say Emma for me as she gets her head down and produces some amazing results for clients. Plus mixed with Robbie, the two just bounce off each other and provide some really good laughs’

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