What to Look for In a Digital Marketing Agency

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Written By : Jordan Beaumont

Posted 01/02/2022

Looking for a digital marketing agency is a bit like looking for a life partner. The initial attraction can be exciting, but at the end of the day, it all boils down to passion and sharing the same values. If you’re as passionate about digital as we are, we could be the perfect match.

Whether you need to improve your online presence or you’re simply not getting results from your current agency, be sure to have clear expectations from your digital partnership. Here’s what we think a great digital marketing company looks like…

Results-driven (metrics matter)

It’s important for your chosen digital marketing agency to be results-focused. Not only should they align projects to your business goals and objectives, but the carrot at the end of the stick should be ROI for clients.

But don’t be fooled by smoke and mirrors. A lot agencies talk the talk, but what are their metrics? Will they provide reporting on your agreed KPIs?

Evidence of work – do they have case studies?

A good digital marketing company will have proof of their work. Ideally, look for case studies that are similar or close to your industry/sector. But more importantly, look for measurable accomplishments. What was the problem for the client(s) in question? What were the solutions? And what were the results?

Things like traffic increase, new leads, tracked conversions and revenue growth are all markers that give you an idea of what the agency can do for you.

Digital expertise and continued growth

In a time of transformation, digital is more important than ever. So choose your partner carefully. The right agency lives and breathes digital. Ideally, they are a team of knowledgeable digital natives with skills in web and app development, content creation and search optimisation.

But don’t just look at their list of digital marketing services. They should also be knowledge seekers (and sharers). The world of digital is fast-evolving, so continued learning is vital.

Maybe they share content marketing trends on their blog, or perhaps they provide tips on the best online marketing tools? If they have relevant and useful insights to share, they’re likely at the top of their game.

They care about search optimisation

A snazzy site is pointless if it doesn’t attract visitors and win you more sales. Optimisation needs to be considered in everything from design and development to the content. But it’s not just keyword knowledge that’s important.

There are many things that impact your website SEO, including usability, user experience and site speed. Any decent agency will make all of these a priority.

Culture fit (and all-round good folk)

Often overlooked, one of the most important factors to consider when searching for a digital marketing agency is culture. In our experience, the best agencies are people-centric.

This means being client-focused, but also being collaborative and being big supporters of their main asset – their people.

People are the heart of any business, so it makes sense to nurture talent. And did you know that happy people are better at their jobs? Or 13% more productive to be exact. If you want a hard-working agency, don’t choose one that works their team into the ground. Choose one that’s nice to their staff!

…and what about local?

Is you’re a small or medium sized business, there’s also value in choosing a local digital marketing company. Hiring your neighbours could lead to a stronger partnership, and means they’re never far away for a meeting or brainstorming session.

A local team will also have knowledge of your area or particular region, which can make it easier to communicate your exact business needs.

At Identify Digital, we’ve been delivering outstanding digital marketing services to businesses in Yorkshire and further afield for over a decade. Our mission is to transform local industries, helping companies thrive in the world of digital.

Ready to chat? Call us on 01924 911333 or fill in our online enquiry form and we’ll schedule a catch up.

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