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What is ACF Flexible Content in WordPress?

What is ACF Flexible Content in WordPress? post images
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Written By : Jordan Beaumont

Posted 07/09/2021

When it comes to making your content shine, it helps to make the process easy for administrators. Finding quick and easy ways of building beautiful landing pages is key for keeping your website content fresh.

Because when website pages are too complex to manage, it can lead to low productivity and create project bottlenecks.

At Identify Digital, we’re big fans of using ACF Flexible Content when it comes to WordPress website design. Here, we explain why it’s such a valuable tool when you’re configuring your website layout and building new content to wow your visitors.

What are ACF Flexible Content blocks?

On the Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) plugin, you will find an option for Flexible Content. This function gives you a series of modular blocks, giving you an easy way to add text, images, videos, buttons and CTAs – all with a simple drag and drop.

Each page becomes a blank canvas for you to add these blocks to, in any number and in any order. Some ACF Flexible Content blocks include:

  • Content
  • Video
  • 50/50 Image & Content
  • Accordion
  • Gallery

Why use it for your website content?

The Flexible Content function is ideal for teams because it makes WordPress web design and content strategy management convenient. Not just for one user, but for multiple users.

Once you create a layout, it becomes a set block of code that you can reuse over and over again. This makes populating new pages extremely easy, speeding up the time it takes to update website content for your audience, tap into a new website design trend, or share a new feature.

ACF Flexible Content is a fantastic – and often under-hyped tool – for WordPress website design. In terms of usability, it’s suitable for designers, developers, administrators, and even WordPress beginners.

Administrators can even remove the standard content editor from the back office, so that other users have a more seamless experience when using Flexible content blocks. The speed and versatility helps businesses build a stellar content strategy, and makes staying reactive and adaptive with their content calendar possible.

WordPress web design made simple

This tool offers unmatched versatility when it comes to website layout. You can arrange any form of website content, from text to videos, in a matter of seconds without complex coding. You can choose from multiple panel layouts to best suit your content needs, and you can change it at any point. The main benefit for administrators is complete control of what goes where.

Users no longer have to stick to a strict WordPress template. This Custom Fields function allows you to build a perfect layout for each website page. Here are some basic layout settings to help you get started:

  • Layouts : This defines the layouts available when editing content. Each layout contains Label, Name, Limit, Display and Field settings.
  • Minimum Layouts : This sets a limit on how many layouts are required.
  • Maximum Layouts : This restricts the number of layouts being used.

To find out more about using this plugin, visit the Advanced Custom Fields resource pages.

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