What Costs Are Involved In Running A WordPress Site?

What Costs Are Involved In Running A WordPress Site? post images

Written By : Liam Webster

Posted 15/11/2019

It’s true that you can run a website for free, however this takes a lot of skill, time and effort to pursue and the resulting website is likely to be subpar. With just a few small costs, running a WordPress website is incredibly simple and can deliver your business a whole host of benefits.

Here you will find a breakdown of some of the required and recommended costs associated with running a WordPress website. These small fees will help you to improve your website and use it to its full potential. So what exactly should you pay for when running a WordPress website and what do these payments provide?

Website Hosting

Hosting plays a major part in running a WordPress website. This is a service offered by a provider with the various systems and technologies needed to display your website on the internet.

When you pay for hosting, your website is given a space on a web host’s server, which allows your target audience to visit your website when they search for it on their own computer. The server will connect with computer and bring your website up in their browser.

It’s important to remember with hosting that you get what you pay for. Hosting is one of the main factors affecting the speed of your website, and a slow website is can easily turn away potential customers. Cheap hosting can also have limited bandwidths, limiting the amount of people that can visit your website at any given time.

Website Maintenance

When you’re running a WordPress website, or any website at that, you never know what kind of problems you might meet at any given time. If you’re not an expert in website development, these issues can be confusing and can leave you reeling with questions on how to deal with them.

That’s where paying for website maintenance can help. Specialist web agencies are able to regularly assess your website for any issues it faces, as well as any updates or additions that could benefit it. For a monthly fee, you can simply leave your website maintenance to the professionals, who will make sure the website is running as smoothly and as efficiently as possible, so all that’s left for you to do is make the most of the website for your business.

Similarly to hosting, the cost for website maintenance can vary quite dramatically, and the fee all depends on the level of maintenance these businesses are willing to offer.

WordPress Plugin Costs

Whilst the most basic of WordPress plugins are available at no cost at all, there will be more advanced plugins, or even custom plugins available to your WordPress website, that require payment for you to make use of.

It could be that you’ve been using a free plugin to help with the running of your WordPress website for some, but you now require additional features to improve how well your website functions.

Many free WordPress plugins are also available as a premium version, so long as you’re willing to pay the upfront cost of using it. The cost of these readily available plugins can vary quite dramatically, and much of it depends on what the plugin can offer in terms of features and their benefits, as well as the demand for that specific plugin.

There’s also the option of having a custom WordPress plugin created for your website, which comes especially in handy for when plugins already on the market cannot provide you with the feature your website desperately needs. By investing in a custom plugin, you are paying for the development of a brand new plugin that will contain features that work perfectly well for your own unique website.

Again, the cost of a custom WordPress plugin can vary from one to another, and how much you will have to pay depends on a number of factors, from the developer you hire to create the plugin, to the complexity of the plugin itself.

SSL Certificates

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates are standard security components of today’s world wide web, and are vital for the running of most websites today. SSL certificates help to build trust between the website owner and the website’s user.

When a visitor lands on your website, they will be looking to ensure that there is a secure connection between their computer and the site itself. They typically do this by looking for the green padlock and the “secure” statement to the left hand side of the search bar, as well as the https at the start of your URL.

These secure signals come from installing a SSL certificate onto your server, which needs to be purchased, validated and activated before it can be used. There are a number of companies who offer SSL certificates, and they typically charge an annual fee for a website to be SSL certified.

The cost of a SSL certificate is minimal when you compare it to the benefits it can bring to a website. This rings especially true for e-commerce websites, which encourage visitors to make payments through them – without the secure connection, visitors are much less likely to make a purchase through your website’s payment system.

We’ve highlighted just a few of the costs that are involved in running a WordPress website, each of which play a vital role in how well your site performs. By making these small investments into the running of website, you’re much more likely to reap the benefits of a more fruitful website in the long run.

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