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Written By : Jordan Beaumont

Posted 28/01/2021

2020 was a fascinating year – for reasons good and bad. While, sadly, many businesses struggled to adapt to the long-term effects of a global pandemic, certain industries exploded into life and expanded to make the most of new commercial opportunities.

Web design, eCommerce, and digital marketing companies suddenly found themselves inundated with work. The COVID-19 outbreak has shaped the future and shown that having an online presence is crucial. Any businesses that weren’t previously taking digital marketing and site ownership seriously are now investing heavily in developing a responsive online platform.

Here are just a few current web design trends that our Identify team will look to use when we begin building your new clean, innovative, and stylish site.

4 Web Design Trends That Lead to Business Success

With the right website design and marketing strategy, you can reach more customers, generate more profit, and quickly adapt to ever-changing markets. But that’s only possible when your website gets noticed.

Markets quickly become saturated, and there are already millions of websites online. Make sure your business stands out from the rest by keeping up-to-date with the latest web design trends and tips.

Build a Bespoke Website

To the uneducated eye, this trend might come as something of a surprise. Why does your web design need to be bespoke? Is it really that important to design a unique user interface online?

Of course it is! If that wasn’t the case, 99% of websites online would look identical. As we’ve already mentioned, markets are saturated, and the visual appeal of your website makes a big difference when it comes to keeping the customer on your page and completing a purchase.

Not only that, when your site is easy to navigate, responsive, and user-friendly, your potential client will be encouraged to spend more time there.

Standard website themes are easy to spot and fail to add any personality to your brand. They’re often filled with errors and they’re difficult to manipulate and personalise. When you design a bespoke page, your business will immediately stand out – and we can design the page to include anything you’d like to see.

Use Website Design Agencies

Digital marketing is a serious undertaking. Thousands of hours are spent researching markets, developing customer profiles, and designing strategies that have the best chance of leading to a return on investment. Website design is no different.

This isn’t something you can pick up overnight. And, as we mentioned previously, if you truly want your website to deliver, you should seek the services of a website design agency. These teams (*cough* like us *cough*) know how to build something that’s destined to work – they use the industry’s latest tools and techniques, and all of their experience to perfect your site design.

Different designs suit different businesses. For instance, your company might benefit from an eye-catching site filled with vivid imagery and memorable pathways. Other companies might suit a brochure design. You get a personalised service when you use a website design agency.

YouTube videos and tutorials will only get you so far with a DIY site. Leave it to the experts and instead, focus on doing what you do best: running your business.

Invest in eCommerce

eCommerce is another essential web design trend. You need to create a simple and efficient checkout process for your customer online. Otherwise, they won’t hesitate to look elsewhere.

Your eCommerce page needs to be slick but, importantly, it needs to be secure as well. Do you know which shop system provider you’ll be using? What about a payment gateway provider? And do you know how to market your eCommerce site and drive business?

We can take care of all of that for you.

Mobile Friendly Web Design

We may not spend much time away from our desks at the moment, but in normal circumstances, it feels like we’re always on the move. And for that very reason, the importance of mobile friendly web design is only growing.

Building a mobile friendly site is a specialist skill and a vital one. For customers on the move and clients working from mobile platforms, you need to make their shopping process no less functional than the one on a desktop.

Intelligent Web Design with Identify

Our Identify team is obsessed with building smart, responsive, and innovative websites. Yours could be next.

Find out more about what we do and the different ways that we use modern web design trends to add the wow factor to your online business. We truly get to know your business – and your customer – before our in-house team crafts the beautiful web page you’ve been dreaming of.

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