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Web Design Trends: What is Smart Content Load?

Web Design Trends: What is Smart Content Load? post images
Image courtesy of Glen Carrie

Written By : Sam Moffatt

Posted 02/06/2022

This year, website trends are taking a different turn. Creating healthy online habits and considering digital wellbeing is important if you want to make deeper connections with your audience. And smart content load is one of the web design trends that is gaining traction right now.

Taking the user into account first, smart content is all about presenting the right information, to the right person, at the right time. The end result? Better user experience (UX), happier customers, and visitors who will come back to your website again. Here’s everything you need to know about this personalised strategy for website development in 2022.

Why smart content is important

Smart content load uses personalised website content to capture and retain the attention of website visitors. This is done by downloading content based on the user’s preferences and specific needs. The idea is to provide content that someone actually wants to see, giving them instant access to content that is relevant to them.

Personalising the website journey can vastly ramp up engagement, and can make your retail or business site an enjoyable experience that lives up to today’s standards for digital wellbeing. In a time when people are conscious about screen time, each website encounter has to deliver immense value – and post-pandemic website trends are all about driving that kind of value for users.

As a web design agency that has created multiple impactful websites for businesses across all sectors, we know the importance of user experience. Not only does smart content value the visitor, putting them at the heart of your design strategy, but it also speeds up page load time, making your site seamless for users and ultimately boosting your SEO.

The power of personalisation

Personalised website content enables you to build deeper connections with both new and existing customers. It makes your current customers feel valued, and it places your brand front-of-mind for potential customers who may be checking out competition.

According to Salesforce, personalisation is no longer just a ‘nice to have’ either. Their data shows that two thirds (66%) of consumers expect brands to understand their individual needs. Furthermore, 70% say that a company’s ability and willingness to understand these needs directly impacts their loyalty towards them.

While personalised emails have been commonplace for a while, website trends like smart content loading take personalised website content to the next level, ensuring a more enjoyable experience as soon as they land on your site.

Smart content can improve metrics

Web design trends like smart content can also do wonders for your metrics. By personalising the buyer’s journey, you can keep them on site for longer. For instance, some of the reasons for high bounce rate include slow page load time, inaccurate results from a bad title or meta description, or low quality content that isn’t relevant or useful.

Smart content bolsters engagement, promotes social sharing, increases brand infinity, and helps you turn leads or traffic into conversion. More importantly, creating an outstanding user experience with personalisation and other user-focused website trends improves customer retention. So you can have brand-loyal buyers that return to your business time and time again.

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