The importance of Pay-Per Click (PPC) advertising

The importance of Pay-Per Click (PPC) advertising post images

Written By : Liam Webster

Posted 16/01/2018

Whether you are a start-up, or a company that has been trading for a long period of time, the benefits of pay per click advertising are plain to see. PPC Advertising is an easy way to get your website right at the top of Google quickly, and without all the hard work of SEO and website optimisation.


What can PPC do for me?
Pay-per Click advertising is as simple in theory as it sounds – you set up the keywords you want to target and then pay for every time someone clicks on your advert from those keywords. If you are wanting to get your brand or products seen, this is one of the most effective ways to get your name out there quickly to your target audience. This is perfect for start-up companies who don’t already have an online presence or are wanting a faster solution than traditional SEO.

A professionally designed website is just as important as a professionally optimised pay per click campaign.  It is important to ensure that your website is both functional and appealing to your target audience as the final part of the process is to convert that visitor into a lead or a sale. Nobody and I doubt even you, would want to buy from a website that looks like it was built in a bedroom within 10 minutes.

How much will pay-per click advertising cost me?
The beauty of pay per click is that you are in control. Google Adwords allows you to set a maximum budget per day, so you can ensure your spending won’t go out of control. As with anything in life, what you put into PPC advertising is what you get out. This means the amount of conversions/sales you get will depend on the budget you have and how much you want to spend each month.

Is pay per click advertising hard to set up?
Google Adwords its self is relatively easy to set up, but it’s also very easy to start spending money on keywords you don’t really want to.

Keywords are the products or services you want to be seen for on Google. For example, if you sell beds then your keywords would be double beds, single beds, children’s beds and so forth. One you have thought of these you can set up related ads for these. Ads are the text that actually shows on Google when your target word is searched for.

For example, an incorrectly set up campaign for the phrase “plumber wakefield” could show your ad for searches such as “how long does it take to become a plumber” or “what’s happening in Wakefield today” – this is why it is important to set up your campaign carefully.

There are also Google shopping campaigns which you can set up for e-commerce businesses.

We regularly set up Adwords campaigns for our clients and also offer Pay-Per Click management plans which ensure your budget is being spent effectively and providing you with a positive return on investment.



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