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Is WordPress GDPR Compliant?

The lengthy run up to GDPR coming into play had many website owners searching for information on what was needed from them, in order for their sites to be GDPR compliant. However, even now, with the legislation firmly in place, there still appears to be a lot of confusion on what exactly is expected of websites and how to make sure a website sticks to what the latest laws have enforced.

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Will a new website increase traffic? - Case Study

RF Landscape Products has been a client of Identify’s for some years and the working partnership involves an SEO agreement. After running the campaign for over 2 years there was a sudden drop in traffic,despite best practise, that wasn’t following the trend pattern. As a result of no obvious issues, the abnormality sparked concern and an investigation took place.

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10 Point Domain Migration Checklist

For one reason or another, there may come a point in time when you want to, or perhaps even need to, change your companies name or, at the very least, your domain name. Changing domains is not uncommon, despite it being something which even some of the most experienced digital marketers would run a mile at the thought of.

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What Does The Perfect eCommerce Store Look Like?

eCommerce is a tough world. With average conversion rates being reported by Moz as just 1.4%, it’s clear that marketers have an uphill battle against themselves to ensure that returns on investment are seen and that traffic converts into sales.

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Website Vs Social Media

Website vs Social Media

Facebook and Twitter are growing ever more popular as the smartphone market becomes more densely populated. Some businesses have an idea of using social media to promote their business to eliminate the cost of website design. The question is, is this the correct decision?

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Our Favourites

At Identify we have a lot going on, and organisation is something we really must have in order to succeed.

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