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Managing a Remote Workforce: How Bespoke App Development Could Help

Managing a Remote Workforce: How Bespoke App Development Could Help post images
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Written By : Liam Webster

Posted 12/05/2022

Times are changing, and fast. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a multi-national corporation, a small retailer or a family-run business. These days, everything is digital, more staff are remote, and transformation is the only way to stay competitive and future-proof your organisation.

If you have a distributed team, app development could help you connect, share information and stay in touch across multiple locations (or even time zones). Managing a remote workforce is much easier when you have a centralised hub for communication.

Here are five ways a bespoke app could help your employees thrive!

1) Improve communication

As the workforce becomes more distributed, companies have to find ways for teams to stay connected. Bespoke app development can provide an easy way for managers and staff to communicate throughout the day. It can also be used to encourage water cooler conversations, which are known to boost morale, improve innovation and problem-solving, and help with employee retention.

In fact, small talk should never be overlooked. Research shows us that people are ten times more likely to remain in a job if they have friends at work. Enabling relationships and social interaction is a big morale-booster, so communication apps are important if your business is remote.

2) Help people do their jobs effectively

Apps can also help people work to their full potential. By ensuring they have access to all the information, files and resources they need – anywhere and anytime – you can help them make better use of their time.

We worked with DSEC Rail to create an intuitive business management system that simplified processes for the admin, engineer and management teams. As a result, DSEC Rail were able to benefit from streamlined business functions and increased productivity.

See our full case study here.

3) Reduce admin burden

By digitising your documents, you can reduce paperwork hours for your staff. And when it comes to managing a remote workforce, being able to upload, share, and access data is essential.

Not only does bespoke app design for managing digital documents save your business time and money, but it keeps employees engaged and empowers them in their job.

Getting bogged down with filing is a morale-killer, and can strip away purpose and job satisfaction. But going digital only works if data is standardised and there are clear processes in place. According to one study, over 50% of employee time is wasted searching for files in cluttered online filing systems.

One of the best ways to simplify online filing is to automate certain processes, and to put everything in one place that’s easily accessible for workers across any location.

4) Foster a collaborative culture

Another benefit of business management app design is being able to future-proof your business by getting the cultural aspect right. Employees want to be able to build meaningful relationships at work. They also want to have the right tools to perform. And they don’t want to face bottlenecks when trying to complete everyday tasks.

By having a standardised way of doing things, and an app that can connect different teams, departments and managers, you can encourage better collaboration.

As the digital workforce grows, effective collaboration will become the glue that holds the workplace together – and this starts with having the right communication tools in place! Not only will digital platforms and apps increase daily interactions, but they will make it easier for people to cross-collaborate on projects, move away from traditional silos, and avoid wasted time such as doubling up on the same task.

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