Left It A Little Late? 6 Things To Do Now To Get Your Site Ready For The Holiday Shopping Season

Left It A Little Late? 6 Things To Do Now To Get Your Site Ready For The Holiday Shopping Season post images

Written By : Jordan Beaumont

Posted 22/11/2019

The festive season is almost here, and with it comes the opportunity to maximise your website performance. Don’t panic if you’re feeling like you’ve left it a little bit late – there’s still plenty of time to get things ready for the winter rush.

Here are our six top tips for e-commerce success this holiday shopping season…

Prepare for higher demand
The upcoming Christmas period is sure to bring with it larger amounts of web traffic than you may be used to through the rest of the year. This tends to be an ongoing trend, regardless of whether or not you’ve put in the work to advertise online as shoppers go online to search for present ideas and bag a bargain or two.

People naturally begin searching for gifts at this time of year, so be sure you’re optimised to handle the extra interest. You may wish to seek advice from the professionals to determine how your site is performing now, and find out about any tweaks you can make which will ensure the website keeps going even with more traffic than usual. Page speed is an important ranking factor and can also help to keep bounce rates down so this is a key area to consider.

Give your site a festive makeover
Think of the ways you can give your site a quick Christmas makeover to get your visitors in the festive mood and make your site holiday shopping ready. This could involve some relatively small tweaks such as having your web designer add a few festive-themed sliders, a cheeky Santa hat or two or a seasonal pop up. Don’t be afraid to be creative, as there’s so many wonderful ways to make your site stand out from competitors over the festive season.

Ensure your site is SEO friendly
Assess everything from your website homepage to your product descriptions. Making your site SEO-friendly should be a concern throughout the year, not just during the holidays, but nonetheless this is a great time to check your website is ticking all the right boxes. An SEO audit can help you to identify gaps and areas of concern before the influx of Christmas traffic hits.

Prepare for mobile search
A mobile-friendly website is as essential as an SEO-friendly one, as a huge number of online search activity occurs while users are on the move. Ensure your theme and layout works on a mobile browser to avoid missing out on valuable customers. It’s also a good idea to walk through the checkout process from your own mobile device to check the process of ordering from a smartphone is as easy as possible. Are forms easy to fill in for example? Is the cart easy to access? Are payment details mobile-friendly? If not, ask your web designer if they can streamline the checkout process ahead of the official launch of the Christmas shopping season on Black Friday.

Add more images
Adding more imagery is another wonderful way to ensure you attract more festive custom. Christmas gifts are an important purchase so aesthetics will play a key role in determining whether someone shops with you, or opts for the competition. Stock up on your product imagery and ensure all photos are clear and crisp for the best results.

Create a category for Christmas gifts
If you really want to attract new custom, then organise a dedicated category just for Christmas gifts. This will ensure that presents are much easier to find for anyone interested in the products you sell – and also gives you the opportunity to carefully segment items which have particular appeal for only a few months of the year.

We’re here to help throughout the festive season so if you need some help making Christmas 2019 your best yet, get in touch with us now.

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