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Written By : Jordan Beaumont

Posted 17/09/2021

Content marketing is quickly evolving and becoming more complex - but who’s to say that’s a bad thing? As marketing becomes more advanced, so must your content strategies. Here are eight content marketing trends we at Identify think you should pay attention to in 2021.

Repurposing content, across all of your channels

With the increase in digital media consumption, it is vital to plan on repurposing your content. According to Neil Patel, “One effective way of getting more eyeballs on your content marketing output is to repurpose content on other platforms such as social media sites and various marketing institutes.”

By allowing people to see and consume your content across channels, you can build relationships and reach prospects that you might otherwise never reach.

Remember, each channel presents unique challenges, so it is important that you design your content according to each platform to improve its effectiveness.

Updating old content

“Most content fails. All content eventually diminishes in value,” says Danny Goodwin, Executive Editor at Search Engine Journal. But old content can be made useful again.

The majority of the content we produce and share today will be completely irrelevant in a few weeks. That means that if you want to get some real value from your content, you need to either write evergreen pieces or republish updated versions of it so that it still feels relevant.

To republish content and stay relevant in your preferred search engine’s eyes, consider choosing three to four-year-old content pieces with the potential to be relevant in today’s market environment. Then, edit out the outdated parts and republish the final draft as a brand new piece.

Writing for zero-click searches

Most businesses believe zero-click searches are not worth chasing as they neither generate traffic nor allow them to gather audience insights. “A no-click result seems like a win for users, and it almost always is. The loser, if there is one, is the website where Google found the information,” explains the author of Friction, Roger Dooley.

But although zero-click searches won’t increase the number of clicks your website gets, they can help improve your brand visibility and make your prospective customers more familiar with your existence.

Investing in more video content

Visual content drives higher engagement rates, more shares and leads to potential conversions. Your visitors aren’t as distracted by it and they stick around longer. Not only that, but your customers also retain more information when you present it in video format.

Blog posts with videos also have a higher chance of ranking on the first page, so it is no surprise that marketers are experiencing more than 70% ROI on videos.

According to marketing experts at Hubspot, “video hasn’t only transformed how businesses market and consumers shop; it’s also revolutionized how salespeople connect with and convert prospects and how service teams support and delight customers.”

So, as you plan your content strategy for the year ahead, consider incorporating more videos into your arsenal.

Creating niche content for niche audiences

With an excess of online coverage for various niche topics, it is more important than ever to create specialized, niche content that paying consumers can find both relatable and shareable.

The benefits of creating niche content are threefold:

  • You attract quality followers who are genuinely interested in your niche
  • You reduce bounce rates and increase conversion rates, and
  • You encourage higher levels of engagement from your subscribers.

There is a ton of content out there and it can be hard to cut through all the noise. That’s why successful content marketing requires you to know who your target audience is before you can create content that speaks to them.

Building topical authority

Content marketing helps you establish yourself as an expert, increase your inbound traffic, build customer trust through education, and lead generation. Uploading random content on your website and hoping for it to get picked up doesn’t work anymore.

You can’t win the internet with only keyword research. In 2021, you will need your content to showcase your authority in the market to ensure your prospective audience directly come to you when they need advice or have a question about your industry’s products or services.

If you want to rank higher on search engines, focus on building topical authority in your industry.

Creating value-driven, concise content

Writing a “listicle” is easy. Writing a piece of content that drives sales can be easy too. But writing a well-thought-out piece of content that does both takes a lot of time, and is hard work.

Most businesses find it difficult to generate leads, improve conversions, and scale using content. They forget that content should be an asset. If your content is valuable enough, it can be an excellent way to engage your audience, strengthen your brand’s reputation, and build trust with your prospects.

Content marketing takes time, especially if you are doing it right. But the payoff can be extremely long-lasting – it will keep people coming back for more.

As Skillshare’s Chief Marketing Officer, Liana Douillet Guzmán says, “Investing in ways that add value to someone’s life might dip into the bottom line in the short term but will likely drive shareholder growth in the long run.”

Writing original research articles

Research is one of the most important and valuable tools in a content marketer’s toolkit. It helps connect with vast audiences and drive large amounts of traffic as well as giving you huge leverage for years to come.

As Ascend explains it, “Original research makes you the authority, and as a result, people will link to you.” Yet many marketers are reluctant to write reports or conduct original research for a variety of reasons – either because they don’t know how or they don’t have the time.

In 2021, original research articles will allow you to attract prospective consumers and fellow marketers looking for information on industry-relevant topics. Spending time creating such articles can give you a major competitive edge and help you rank higher in search engine results.


Content marketing is evolving and we want to help you keep up. If you wish to try out new content marketing strategies but find the process daunting, Identify Digital can help you take your content efforts to the next level.

We can help you shape your content marketing activities, and achieve your online marketing goals.

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