Content Marketing for the New Funnel (Hint: It’s Not a Triangle)

Content Marketing for the New Funnel (Hint: It’s Not a Triangle) post images
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Written By : Jordan Beaumont

Posted 02/03/2022

They say the traditional marketing funnel is dead. But we prefer to think of it as a reincarnation of its former self. Today, the inverted triangle is more of a loop, or a flat plain. This is because the customer’s journey is no longer linear.

A buyer doesn’t go from ‘Awareness’ to ‘Consideration’ to ‘Conversion’. The buyer dips in and out. But not because he or she is fickle. But because the rise of digital means increased choice and selection, an influx of multichannel content, and growing customer expectations as a result.

This has been emboldened by the pandemic, with even more customers going online. If you’re still doing old-style marketing funnel content, now is the time to adapt. Here are some tips for nailing content marketing for today’s chaotic funnel.

Have an omnichannel approach

Multichannel is great, but sadly not enough to wow the digital native. Customers no longer see brand as silos. While 10 years ago we wouldn’t bat an eyelid that a company’s social media was completely detached from their stores, today we demand a connected experience.

Content marketing strategies have to work to improve the customer journey – across mobile, app, in store, and social media.

According to LinkedIn research, 86% of shoppers regularly channel-hop across at least two channels to consume brand content, and almost three quarters will shop on multiple channels.

In order to perfect omnichannel, you will need a comprehensive content plan to help you create a consistent, identifiable brand tone and vision. And remember, convenience is key! The digital consumer is time-strapped so being able to quickly access content and offers on any chosen platform, at any time, is the ticket to success.

Be authentic and build connections

Buyers are more unpredictable than they’ve ever been. But what we do know – thanks to science – is that emotionally engaged customers are more likely to re-purchase, are less likely to shop around, and are less influenced by price. The emotionally connected customer is basically your dream customer.

So rather than creating marketing funnel content for the various stages, take a holistic approach and try to build a real connection with your audience – wherever they are in their journey. Buyers at the ‘Awareness’ stage could convert faster if they see value in your content, in the same way that someone at the ‘Consideration’ stage could make a swift exit if you they think you’re generic or out of touch.

Invest in personalised content marketing

If there’s one thing that wins in today’s digital landscape, it’s personalisation. When you think about the overwhelming amount of content that gets created, published and shared every day, the curse of content fatigue makes sense.

This is even more of a sticking point for millennials, with 70% feeling frustrated when brands send them irrelevant emails. To stay in their good books, your content marketing has to speak them and must answer their needs and desires.

Creating personalised messaging based on specific interests, and delivering content that is informed by data (such as past interactions), is the best way to build a content plan that engages. Combine this with a non-linear, holistic approach plus consideration for omnichannel – and you’ve got a winning formula.

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