5 Ways to Increase Productivity in Your Business

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Written By : Jordan Beaumont

Posted 12/07/2022

Learning how to increase productivity in any business begins with people. Your employees are the main, and most important, cog in your wheel – and this means ensuring they have the right tools and support to do their jobs.

If you want to build a positive culture in your workplace, improve customer service and enjoy growth, here are five ways to boost productivity and success.

1) Reduce unnecessary paperwork

The first step to improving workplace efficiency is to cut manual paperwork duties by going paperless. According to a recent survey conducted by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), the biggest cause of workplace stress is workload.

By digitising documents and improving your online filing system, you can reduce workload and give your employees more time for other responsibilities. Workers unburdened by time-consuming admin aren’t just more productive – they’re happier and healthier, and perform at a much higher level.

2) Automate repetitive tasks

Did you know that most employees spend over three hours a day on repetitive tasks? What’s even more terrifying is that these tasks are all easily automatable.

Document filing, sending and sharing can be automated to ensure important documents are created, stored and distributed in the right way. With bespoke system and app development, you can store all your documents and resources in one place, automate laborious processes, and create a seamless way for teams to collaborate.

A great example of how app development can increase productivity is the app we designed for The Safety Maintenance Company. See our case study here.

3) Focus on employee engagement

Research by Gallup tells us that engaged workers are 18% more productive in their jobs. But that’s not all – they’re also 81% less likely to be absent from work, further boosting individual productivity and performance.

Employee engagement requires trust, transparency, the alignment of individual and business goals, open dialogue and excellent communication. Ensure teams are happy, and enable flexible working conditions if possible.

4) Make collaboration easy

One of the most overlooked issues in the workplace is lack of collaboration between individuals, departments or branches. When information is siloed, bottlenecks are created and people end up doubling up on tasks.

As a leading app design agency, we hate inefficiencies like this. Seeing businesses being hampered with miscommunication is a pet peeve of ours. That’s why we offer app design that’s purpose-built to your exact needs and specifications. Bespoke app development for your business can decrease app sprawl, make it easier for your teams to communicate and share data, and turn employee user experience into a priority.

5) Minimise time-wasting activities

If you want to know how to increase productivity quickly, try minimising activities that take up a lot of time, such as lengthy meetings.

Another common productivity killer is email communication. The average person spends 28% of their working day dealing with emails, according to a McKinsey analysis. But there are so many better ways to communicate – and a lot of the time, email isn’t required at all.

For instance, project management platforms can automatically update users when files are shared or uploaded, or when project timelines change. Or with an intelligent HR business management system, you can automate admin-heavy processes and instantly review staff requests without emailing them.

Are you looking to boost productivity in your business?

? Do you want to find out more about how our system or app development service can help you do this? At Identify Digital, we’re passionate about showing businesses in Yorkshire and beyond how to increase productivity with the right technology.

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