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Digital Marketing Trends 2022: The Top 9 to Know

2020 was an unprecedented year. A year that forced businesses to move online, fast-tracking the journey to transformation. There has since been many ground-breaking trends in digital marketing, with technology continuing to advance at a rapid pace, and change awaiting us around every corner.

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How People Search (Understanding Search Intent)

The more content you create, the greater the opportunity of making your website rank for important keywords. But to really optimise your content, attract high-converting traffic, and get people coming back to your site, it’s important to consider intent.

Posted On - 08/06/2022 Read more

Web Design Trends: What is Smart Content Load?

This year, website trends are taking a different turn. Creating healthy online habits and considering digital wellbeing is important if you want to make deeper connections with your audience. And smart content load is one of the web design trends that is gaining traction right now.

Posted On - 02/06/2022 Read more

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